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At Churctown Stores we are committed to delivering our patrons the highest standards of hygiene and have invested in the very latest technology to keep you safe and comfortable.

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For your health and safety our surfaces were treated with Resysten Protective Coating on the 20th June 2021 by

This will keep our surfaces
and permanently safe (to almost a surgical level) from bacteria and viruses for 1 year, the next treatment is due 20th June 2022.

You can relax in the comfort that we have treated all our bar counters, stools, tables, chairs, lavatories and the general things you touch around our premises and they pass the recomended level of hygiene for our industry.

SurfaceGuard will continue to audit, test and monitor our surface hygiene to ensure that they are continually safe and within industry pass levels, they will post the results to this page every quarter.

To find out more about and Resysten please go here..

Next test due 20th September 2021

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