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Generating awareness that surfaces are safe to touch restores confidence.

We work with our clients to include their branding, this delivers a positive message, one which is good marketing.

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Scan the QR code for an example

At Surface Guard we work with our designers to produce bespoke interactive signage which can be smartly displayed around premises, in vehicles, on furniture etc., both inside and outside.

Using QR Codes - Interactive Technology

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Scanning QR codes on signage allows people to view the latest hygiene test data for a selected surface, it delivers the 100% message that  surfaces are safe, it leaves nothing to question, this is the most powerful message possible and it closes the book on chance.

Information displayed:

  • Background on our Resysten active surface protection

  • Date applied

  • Date expires (1 year later)

  • Monthly or quarterly test results

  • Pass / Fail status

  • Pass / Fail limits by industry

  • Average hygiene level for entire premises.

  • Client branding and marketing message


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