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Feel the fresh air everywhere

Mia Air Compact is used to provide air that has been purified of dust, particles and disturbing smells. It can be used in all environments in which healthy air is required such as hospitals, workplaces, homes, schools etc.

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Healthy air in your Home or Office

Mia Air Compact’s practical and sleek panel design, allows you to control the environment manually; by selecting the fan speed, setting the timer and keeping track of the filter life with the filter change signal.

Mia Air Compact, is CE certified, is designed for safety of all age groups and has a fireproof ABS body structure.

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How does Mia Air Compact work?

Mia Air Compacrt offers you the latest filtration technology. Mia Air has been designed to provide fresh clean air by trapping 99.99% of ultra-fine particles in the air. By using HEPA filtration, which traps extremely small particles, Mia Air can transform polluted air into clean air in seconds.

By capturing chemical pollutants (VOCs) in the air with the world’s leading activated carbon filter, Mia Air traps chemical pollutants and greatly reduces the risk of developing health problems caused by air pollution. The ‘Best in Class’ Mia Air Product Family HEPA and activated carbon filters not only supply highly efficient filtration but also long-lasting service life

Mia Air Compact purifies your environment removing:

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Mia Air Compact Air Purifier

Cleaner & healthier air at home and in the office

The Mia Air Compact Air Purifier is a modern, efficient and effective air purifier with an air volume rate of 275m3/hour, which makes it suitable for cleaning the air in rooms up to 25m2 3 times per hour.

This compact air purifier offers superior indoor air quality at home and in small offices, as it cleans the air of dust, allergens, pet hair and dander, odours and chemical vapour with up to 99.9% efficiency, using an ANTIMIC coated HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. The Mia Air Compact reduces the risk of illness and health problems caused by air pollution and poor indoor air quality.

Having a minimal carbon footprint, the Mia Air Compact is efficient and environmentally friendly. It is also CE certified and designed for the safety of all age groups with a fireproof ABS body structure.

The Mia Air Compact has three different speed levels, which can be set by pressing the plus or minus buttons on top of the air purifier.

Filter life approx 1 year. We can also supply spare filters so you can change the filter when the time comes.

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