One treatment of Resysten protects surfaces for 1 year against harmful bacteria and viruses.

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As a support or quality control to Resysten our 'Hygiene Data' plan delivers confirmation and evidence of its performance:

  • Monthly or Quarterly hygiene testing on selected surfaces and touch points.

  • Digital reporting against industry Pass and Fail limits.

  • A Service Guarantee that treated surfaces and touch points remain safe as per below during the course of the service plan or from 1 year of Resysten treatment.

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How we measure hygiene levels.

The cleanliness of a surface can be tested by ATP (adenosine triphosphate) measurement.

At SurfaceGuard we use Hygenia ATP meter to read these measurements, the instrument numerically displays the amount of organic matter on the surface. This is the RLU = Relative Light Unit.

The intensity of light generated during ATP degradation is proportional to the amount of organic matter on the surface.

These services comply with the ISO framework and are internationally accepted and OBJECTIVE.

Result being: The lower the RLU value, the cleaner the surface

By testing surfaces for Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) we can measure the effectiveness of a cleaning process. ATP is a molecule found in all living cells and it is responsible for transferring and storing energy. ATP levels act as an indicator of whether your environment has been properly cleaned.

At Healthtec Surface Protection we provide an accurate, repeatable and reliable surface hygiene audit process.

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