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No matter how much we clean, sanitise, fog or disinfect there will always be a window and constant threat for bacteria and viruses to harbor and spread on our school and college surfaces.

Covid & variants, the winter vomiting bug (Norovirus), E.coli., Flu, common colds etc. all pose a health threat and all play their part by increasing absent days for both students and staff.

SurfaceGuard's Resysten is the ‘always on’ frontline defence against these harmful viruses and bacteria.

One treatment is guaranteed to actively keeps school surfaces (desks, toilets, door handles etc.) safe and free from biological contamination for 1 Year.

It maintains a safer level of hygiene, a healthier environment and contributes to the reduction of the wasted time spent sanitising and sick days for both students and staff. 
It’s a saving.

SurfaceGuard treating school desks with Resysten Protective Coating

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SurfaceGuard and St. Laurence College Video
Shane FitzPatrick - Principal

No cleaning regime can match the active safety levels which SurfaceGuard delivers with Resysten.

Quarterly digital hygiene surface measurements are included in the first years service, readings are guaranteed to be below 100rlu and within industry recomentations.

Common areas of concern.
School desks represent the highest potential threat of spreading infection. In most cases students will move from classroom to classroom and share desks, sharing desks is sharing any harmful matter which has formed on desks, this becomes a multiple effect as the school day continues.

Conventional cleaning will not stop this unless each desk is 100% disinfected (killing all organic matter) after every student / class, this is unsustainalbe and on average is reducing class time by 5 minutes (per class), Resysten can overcome this problem.

Other concerning touchpoints.

Handrails, door handles, toilet cubicles and washbasins are considered objects of infection transmission, there is no viable conventional cleaning regime which can keep them constantly safe.
Resysten is guaranteed to actively manitain these surfaces to a clinical safe level, always.