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Department of Eduaction
Room Air Cleaner Guidance for Schools

(May 2021)

“Air cleaners can assist in removal control and provide an additional measure of precaution where poor ventilation exists.

Air cleaners that are based on filtration with a HEPA filter are likely to be most effective.”

HEP Air Filtration for Schools

Schools in Ireland currently do not have adequate Air Filtration systems and are forced to ventilate rooms by leaving windows and doors open. This approach is not always the correct or practical approach for staff and students.

Mia Air can assist this approach and create teaching environments where the Air is filtered and cleaned where poor ventilation exists.

Mia Air has been widely deployed in German Schools where a government initiate supported the purchase of High Grade HEPA Filtration systems.


our recommended models:

Miar air all colours.png

'Top of the class' source of fresh air

  • Automatic Real Time Air Monitoring – including C02

  • Three Stage Filtration system

  • HEPA 14 Filter as standard – EN 1822

  • Removes 99.995% of Covid 19 Virus

  • Area capacity of 100m2

  • Portable, Plug and Play

  • Available for Rental from €95 per month

Source of Clean Air for Larger Areas

  • Specialist Large Area System

  • Three Stage Filtration system

  • ULPA 15 Filter as standard (Level above HEPA)

  • Removes 99.9995% of Covid 19 Virus

  • Active Carbon Filter for VOC Removal

  • Large area capacity of 300m2

  • Available for Rental from €249 per month

Mia Air tower.jpg

Hospital Grade Air Filtration Systems
for Superior indoor air quality

Mia Air Air Purifier models provide Superior air filtration with EN1822 standardised ANTIMIC® HEPA 14 and ULPA 15 filters, as well as a UVC light for destroying 99.995% of Viruses and Bacteria.

Rental Program for Creches, Schools and Colleges

We provide a special rental scheme based on term time usage from €95 per month.

This enables a school to deploy the system in a cost effective manner.