As required by the Dept of Education, Mia Air Purifiers from AirGuard provide superior air filtration with EN1822 standardised ANTIMIC® HEPA 14 and ULPA 15 filters, as well as a UVC light for destroying 99.995% of Viruses and Bacteria.

Ideal for classrooms, offices, retail, health, home and communal areas of all different sizes.

Talk to us today, lets fit your space with a purpose designed AirGuard system and breathe easy in safe clean air.

Available to Rent or Purchase.

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Hospital Grade Air Filtration Systems for Superior Indoor Air Quality.

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Top of the Class 

  • Automatic Real Time Air Monitoring – inc. C02

  • Three Stage Filtration system

  • HEPA 14 Filter as standard – EN 1822

  • Removes 99.995% of Covid 19 Virus

  • Area capacity of 100m2

  • Portable, Plug and Play

  • Ideal for classrooms

  • more...


Meets Department of Education requirements at 60% of its full capapbility!

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Light up your office, while purifying the air.

  • Automatic Real Time Air Monitoring – including C02

  • HEPA 14 Filter as standard – EN 1822

  • Removes 99.995% of Covid 19 Virus

  • Area capacity of 50m2

  • Portable, Plug and Play

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Feel the fresh air everywhere.

  • Automatic Real Time Filtration system

  • HEPA 13 Filter as standard – EN 1822

  • Removes 99.995% of Covid 19 Virus

  • Area capacity of 25m2

  • Portable, Plug and Play

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Source of clean air for larger areas

  • Specialist Large Area System

  • Three Stage Filtration system

  • ULPA 15 Filter as standard (Level above HEPA)

  • Removes 99.9995% of Covid 19 Virus

  • Active Carbon Filter for VOC Removal

  • Large area capacity of 300m2

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The Air that you deserve to breathe should be free from…

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Why is Air Filtration Necessary?

Provide a safe and productive workplace for students, staff, visitors and customers!

The number of “Air Changes” per hour is key to creating “Safe Clean Air” free from Viruses and Bacteria.

Indoor Air is more contaminated than outside Air, especially during winter months, leading to viruses and sickness through airborne particles.

Air Filtration using HEPA Filtration systems is recommended by authorities such as the Centre for Disease Control, SAGE in the United Kingdom and HSE in Ireland as part of the solution.

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How does Mia Air work?

The System provides a mobile Hospital Grade Air Filtration system.

Mia Air draws in the Air through the room using its powerful fan.

The Air travels through a Pre Filter to remove larger particles, then through an Active Carbon Filter which removes VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds, including Odors)

The Pre Filtered Air is then pushed through the HEPA 14 Filter, which captures at least 99.995% of particles, including Sars-coV-2 and influenza.

Optional UVC light further breaks down pathogens that have passed
through the HEPA Filter.

The Clean or Filtered Air is then pushed out via the powerful fan, and the Air is spread through the entire area of the room.

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