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Licensed by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine for use in Ireland..
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Active Surface Protection

Actively keeping surfaces  'SAFE' from nasty bacteria and viruses for:

One Year
with just
One treatment.

Surface Guard
  • Award winning 'Always On' Resysten Protective Coating.

  • Guaranteed Permanently safe surface hygiene levels.

  • Supported with monthly / quarterly digital hygiene measurements. 

Resysten Protective Coatings
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Typical results:

  • Over 95% contamination reduction.

  • Effectiveness continues to improve with time


  • Pre treatment hygiene mesurements

  • Resysten protective coating treatment 

  • Post treatment measurements​


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Protective Surface Coating

Making surfaces and touch points continually and sustainably safe.

Resysten is a protective coating system based on a uniquely developed solution that, when applied to any surface, creates a barrier against harmful pathogens either forming or already existing on it, Resysten uses light as a catalyst to achieve hygienic effects.



Licensed by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine as the European Appointed competent authority for biocides in Ireland

PCS No. 101402


Hygiene Management

Hygiene Data
How we measure & guarantee

Hygiene Data

The QR code technology provided in Healthtec's 'Surface Guard' plan allows hygiene data to be viewed anytime by anyone from their smart devices anywhere.  

Strategic QR Code signage placed around premises builds awareness and confidence that surfaces are 

QR Codes
Deliver the message of 'Assurance'

'Safe to Touch'.

Surface Guard Clients
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We treated Tayto Park's roller coaster, safe to ride & safe to touch...

Resysten is already effectively used across Europe to keep public spaces protected from dangerous pathogens.

Some International Clients

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Surface Guard Case Studies
We keep Budapests Ambulance Servcie 'Clinically safe'

Hospitals, public transport networks, airports, food supply chains, manufacturing, retail outlets, offices and leisure and hospitality facilities have all adopted Resysten as an active defence against harmful bacteria and viruses.

Surface Guard SAP
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Request some case studies by sector...

Surface Guard Foxconn
Constant hygiene

At Healthtec we digitally measure levels of surface contamination.
Using ATP readings we can determine if your surfaces Pass or Fail industry hygiene limits.

Under our
'Hygiene Data' plan we continually guaranteed Safe and Pass levels of surface hygiene combined with monthly or quarterly testing and reporting.

Hygiene management

Safe to Touch
Building Awareness

Do your surfaces Pass or Fail industry standard hygiene levels?

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